Medical Writing Services

Medical Writing (MW) is a vertical which supports the pharmaceutical company’s in communicating clinical, scientific data and information to a range of audiences in a wide variety of formats. MW involves journalism and academic publishing and medical communication (MC). MC involves rise awareness of medicine via education and promotion materials. Medical writing is concerned with the entire clinical development process (preclinical to clinical). The MW associate sharesMC at the right level for the intended audience based on theirscientific, research skills and knowledge of data interpretation. A basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology, diseases and the therapy treatment are important aspects of MW. Medical writing works revolves aroundpharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations(CROs), and communications agencies. An important task for MWs is to review, edit andprovidea beneficial amendment in scientific documents as required. The CROs provides variety of work: a writer needs to be able to write any one of a range of documents, any product, in any therapeutic area, and often at very short notice. The CROs are involved in preparation of wide range of documents for the regulatory submissions, which includes protocols, final reports for clinical trials, and clinical expert reports, summaries of product characteristics, retrieving, assimilating, and disseminating complex information of clinical research, writing articles for publications, producing training material and investigator brochures. MW also deals with the preparation of manuscripts or abstract for publication in medical journals. MWs in communications industry, prepare manuscripts for publication, items for conferences (e.g. posters, abstracts, and slide presentations), promotional items for pharmaceutical marketing and multimedia (e.g. websites). Medical Writing associates are responsible for writing original documents; also they help in editing the documents of the other writers for the compliance of scientific accuracy, grammatical and editorial errors of documents. MW provides an expert consultancy services to the pharma industry and communicating scientific updates to the audience like doctors, patients, nurses and other HCP professionals.

Medical writing also involves the responsibility for working out budgets. It involves understanding ofclient’s requirements matching the compliance issues with timelines. Medical writing can only be carried out with thorough knowledge of English, Grammar and Style of writing. We at TRM Writer’s® have all the necessary tools to fit your requirements.

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