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Medical writing is an art, and science of producing well researched scientific or clinical documents, which ismainly focused at delivering health-care information from the source tothe specific target audience. It involves documentation of data that is well researched, well structured, and medically accurate. These medico-scientific documents are of various types; and can be related to anything pertaining to the medical industry and other allied fields (Clinical Research Industry per se for e.g.).

Some of these documents include pharmaceutical or drug related literature, health careassociated articles, documentation of regulatory guidelines, research and development data, journal manuscripts, clinical trial outcomes, publication abstracts, website contents, magazine contents, blogs, and anything and everything related to the medical world.

A recent survey done by the CenterWatch on Pharmaceutical Services Industry, reported that among the commonly outsourced clinical development activities, medical writing holds fourth position and the global demand for this specialized field is rising day by day.

The survey also revealed that the market size for medical writing has doubled between the years 2003 and 2008.

Medical writing is a unique combination of medical understanding and health care awareness with creative writing supported by scientific and regulatory guidelines (such as GVP, ICMJE, ICH, COSORT).

In addition to the above, Medical Writing also requiresknowledge of company-specific style guides and templates;analysis, interpretation and presentation of data in a logical format; and ability to communicate with clients, clinicians, regulators, statisticians, and other stakeholder.

Medical writing plays an important role in the success and promotion of health care industry. It also defines the success or failure of new products in the health care market.

Role of a Medical Writer

A medical writer works with physicians, scientists, pharmacists, and other subject matter experts for documentation of medical information. Medical writing requires adequate knowledge of medical subjects and terminologies. It is also important for a medical writer to have in-depth understanding of drug development, understanding of regulatory and safety domains, knowledge of research methodologies, and be updated with current guidelines and compliance issues. Besides these, medical writing also involves good interpretation skills, analytical skills, good command over language, good communication skills, ability to present data in a specified format, and needless to say, excellent writing skills. Medical writers may work directly with the medical professionals or may extract data from their research resultsand other reports. In some cases, the information required may be freely available over verified websites, publications, journals, etc. while in other cases, access is provided after obtaining permission from the required authority. A medical writer should have thorough understanding of the subject and should be able to filter the required material from a sea of information. It is very important for a medical writer to follow standard regulatory guidelines and protocols in terms of structure, content and format. Statistical understanding is often helpful for medical writer.

It is very important to understand the difference between a good medical writer from ‘anyone who can write’. A medical writer plays a vital role in shaping the content and outcome of the document. One of the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical and clinical research industry is the failure to identify an experienced writer from writers who do not have adequate knowledge or understanding of the specific topic under discussion. An ordinary writer may have excellent writing skills, but may not have experience in writing medical content or knowledge of medical sciences. The skill set of a medical writer helps in documentation of complex information in a logical manner for the target audience. This is why it is very important to involve an experienced medical writer for production of well-researched regulatory documents. TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions house a team of well-trained Medical Writers with immense experience in understanding and compiling medical data.

We understand the importance of a good writer in development of a document and assign writers based on the experience and skills of the writers that match the requirement of the client perfectly.

Most of our writers are highly experienced and from medical backgrounds with graduate and post graduate degree.

Key attributes of Medical Writers at TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing solutions:

  • • Excellent writing skills with good command over language and grammar
  • • Data analysis and Interpretation skills
  • • Flexible style of writing
  • • Attention to detail
  • • Goal focused and commitment
  • • Ability to work in team
  • • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • • Communication skills
  • • Project management and organizational skills
  • • Good work ethics
Types of Medical Writing

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of medical writing, which are,

  • a. Regulatory medical writing,
  • b. Publication writing, and
  • c. Medical communication writing.

Regulatory medical writing deals with documentation of research and development, regulatory approvals for pharmaceuticals, and market acceptance of drugs.

Publication writing involves production of journal articles and manuscripts.

Medical communication includes documents that communicate research verdicts to medical and healthcare professional. It also includes literature for awareness, educational and promotional use.

Regulatory medical writing follows a well-structured pattern and is driven by regulatory guidelines (such as clinical study reports or CSRs, clinical research documents, clinical as well as non-clinical overviews and summaries, clinical study protocols, investigational brochures (IB), and product labels such as summary of product characteristics or SmPC/SPC). A sub type of regulatory writing is Safety Writing. Safety writing encompasses pre and post marketing safety reports, benefit and risk analysis reports, and risk management plans (RMPs). Medical communication documents are less structured as compared to other types of writing and areoften documented in the form of web content, articles, blogs, journal content etc. These documents are lightly regulated and are usually creative in presentation.

While authoring regulatory documents it is essential to have knowledge about human physiology, anatomy, and pathology, in addition to understanding about pharmacology and drug development process. Safety documents require knowledge about safety reporting regulations and other requirements (for different countries as needed), identification of potential risks, drug safety monitoring etc. On the other hand medical communication is not driven by any particular format but it requires understanding of clinical and therapeutic subjects with the skill to present the data in a logical and convincing manner for the reader.

Challenges faced in Medical Writing and our solutions for the same:

From our experience and research, we have identified few challenges that are commonly encountered by the Medical Writing industries. These are as discussed below:

  • • Lack of technical writing skills – Medical writing is an art of balancing logical presentation of information with good writing skills. In some scenario, prime emphasis is given on the data presentation, because of which there is excessive usage of long sentences, laborious language, grammatical error and poor usage of punctuation. This makes the data unattractive and difficult to understand. In some cases, there is over emphasis on language leading to missing data or illogical flow of data.
  • At TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions, we select a team of writers for each project through thorough screening of skill set required for the specific project. We believe in producing documents that are Crisp, Logical, and Easy to understand by the target audience. Basically, we apply CLE technique©… We provide regular training to our writers to strengthen their technical writing and data interpretation skills to ensure accuracy of the data.
  • • Lack of domain expertise – Inexperienced writers often lack subject matter expertise and global experience in medical industry. Hiring a commercial writer for core medical projects can drastically affect the outcome of the documents. Understanding international regulatory guidelines is also important for authoring a report. TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions cater to the global market and we have our writers from all across the world. This gives us the advantage of understanding the international standards and guidelines closely. Our writers come from medical and allied background. They are experts at understanding medical information and are specialized in handling medical projects.
  • • Quality check -TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions produces documents that are 100% plagiarism free with authentic data. Our documents are audited at multiple levels before presenting them to the client. Quality checks and peer review are done to look for content error and language errors for presenting the final document. We take client feedback very seriously and constantly work towards improving the overall quality of our work. We respect our client’s information and handle their data with utmost confidentiality. All precautionary measures are taken to prevent data leakage and misuse of information.
Significance of Medical writing

The health care and medical field is an evolving industry with new discoveries and inventions being added every day. With production of new drugs, advancement in technology and medical sciences, invention of new equipments, clinical researches, new course of treatment, the need to document this information is increasing day by day.Medical writing is significant for the medical and healthcare industry, as it plays a crucial role for exchange of new knowledgeand promotion of new ideas. This helps inbringing about an improvement in the healthcare practices.It behaves as a mode of communication and helps in bridging the gap between different sections of the healthcare industry. It is beneficial for patient education, creating awareness, and spreading information about disease related preventive measures among the public. It helps in spreading vital information which in turn promotes healthy and meaningful life.

Medical writing services are often needed by clinicians, academicians, pharma industries, contract research organizations, and other health care professionals.

Medical writing holds a vital place in the pharmaceutical industry and its use in pharmaceutical industry has grown significantly in the last few decades. This is due to recent increase in production of new drugs which go through a multifaceted process of clinical trials and regulatory procedures. Clinical trials require accurate documentation through each of its phases which are compliant with the standard protocols, such that they are easily deciphered by a medical professional. The amount of data generated during any research is vast and often unorganized. Medical writing helps is presenting the data in a concise and understandable fashion. It helps in organizing the information in a sequential manner which is logical and easy to interpret.

Why TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing solutions?

TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions is a one stop platform that provides solution for all your writing needs. We have an experienced team of qualified medical professionals and science graduates with excellent writing skills and domain expertise. We have handled over 7885+ projects so far and have served over 1600+ clients from all over world including Australia, India, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Each project that we have handled was unique in its own way, which has helped us strengthen our knowledge and experience. We produce customized documents that are concisely worded while maintaining the quality and accuracy of the content. We promise you a content that is 100% plagiarism free and designed perfectly to match your requirements. We give exclusive importance to ethics, honesty, reliability and most importantly, customer satisfaction. We value our client’s time and believe in working within deadlines.

Our team at TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions:

  • • Comprises of well experienced writers from all over the globe with knowledge of clinical expertise, compliance requirements, market demand and therapeutic needs.
  • • Has adequate knowledge of local regulatory guidelines and protocols due to our global presence
  • • Provides customized solutionfor each client as need be, by engaging the right team of writers and utilizing the available resources to its optimum level to complete the task to meet clients timeline requirements
  • • Offers expert advice and guidance to clients for choosing the right path for documentation, submission and publications

TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing Solutions are experts at delivering the work within given time frame while maintaining highest standard of quality and authenticity.

Medical writing is majorly concerned withproduction of documents for supporting pharmaceutical firms, contract research organizations (CROs) and communications agencies. Few examples of medical writing includes regulatory documents, clinical trial reports, protocols, clinical expert reports, product summaries, clinical research information, publication articles, training materials, investigator brochures etc. The prime function of medical writing is communicating scientific data from the source to the target audience after following specified regulatory guidelines. Medical writing requires writers with specialized skills and understanding of pharma and clinical research industries. We at TRM Writer's® LLP medical writing solutions have all writers with in depth understanding of this field along with all necessary tools required for medial writing.

The core strength lies in Business Consultancy. A good consultancy service provides guidance that adds value to any task. We provide Business Consulting Services for industries related to pharmaceuticals, healthcare, nutraceuticals and clinical research organizations. We value our client’s time and understand the competitive market and believe in providing solutions that is practically driven and result oriented.

Benefits of choosing TRM Writer's® LLP medical writing solutions:

  • • Experts in English language
  • • 100% plagiarism free writing
  • • Original and authentic content
  • • Detail oriented
  • • Experts in proof reading
  • • Quality assurance
  • • Error free
  • • Result oriented
  • • Value confidentiality
  • • Professionally driven
  • • Skilled and experienced team
  • • Excellent communication skills
  • • SEO content
  • • Astute in using keyword strategy
  • • Research experts and in depth knowledge of different standards and guidelines
  • • Fast delivery
  • • After service support

We at TRM Writer's® LLP Medical Writing solutionsunderstand the needs and requirements of our customers and adopt a style of documentation that matches the client’srequirements. We help in planning, organizing, compiling, editing medical data for promotion and success of the product. Regardless of the type of document or how massive or small the project may be, we value all our customer needs with equal importance.We analysis the target audience closely, identify the competitors, understand the market requirements and present a document that is well accepted by the target end. We value our client’s time and take our deadlines very seriously. We believe in providing medical writing solutions that is high in quality at fits in the budget. No matter what you’re your need may be, we have a solution for it.

Other services we offer are,

Academic writing is a branch of medical writing which deals with authoring documents which are needed as support for achieving academic excellence. These are usually helpful for students (PhD, masters, graduates) pursuing professional courses in medical, healthcare management, clinical research, nursing, business and other related subjects. Few examples of these academic writing includes thesis and dissertation compilation; research paper; proposal writing; case study analysis; medical assignments; forensic studies; critical literature studies writing; essay writing, literature review; business letters; application letters and cover letters; creating presentations; journal entries; publication manuscripts; proof reading and lot more

General Content Writing revolves around writing specific content pertaining to medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations. These can include anything that helps in promotion and marketing of the organization. Some examples of medical content writing include professional emails, podcasts, brand logo, tag lines & punch lines, website content, blogs, social media platform writing, customer engagement content etc. It is very important to understand the exact need of the customer and create a document that is well understood and appreciated by the target audience.

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